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Hi. I wanted to break down the process of how to become successful with affiliate marketing. Here we go with some of the basics of Affiliate Marketing 101.

There is surely a lot of work involved but there is a formula you can follow that is not complicated and as you do follow it, you will have success. You can have the instructions given to you and all you have to do is follow the “yellow brick road” so to speak.

There are certain critical steps that you must take and do well and I will discuss them on this website.

Right now, please commit yourself to this process. Once you commit yourself, you will find that things happen quickly and surprising events start to happen which makes the process of developing your business exciting. To facilitate the manifesting of your commitment take a moment and look at the “goal setting” post on this website.

Good Website Topics

First, you must come up with a subject that you either know a lot about and/or you WANT to know a lot about. Make sure it is something that you care about deeply and you want to become a real expert on. I suggest you write down several and then look at them. For me it might be “Sailing”, “Physical Fitness” and “Business” for example. These are too broad but they are good website topics.

All of these are good marketable and “in demand” subjects. Let’s see….if you wrote down “Collectible Antique Door Knobs” you would want to do some research to see if there really is a demand for this product and if there is enough to write about them. There might be, but you would want to check it out. How? There are tools for that which I will share later. You could certainly become an expert on them.

On the other hand, if I now choose “Business” it is way too broad a subject. I would need to narrow this down to something that is a small enough niche that I can become an expert on and be away from what many others might want to write it. In other words, you need to find a good, hearty subject that you will find interesting but at the same time, you will love to read and write about.

How To Create A Great Business Website

So, let’s summarize that first step….Your subject of choice has to be:

  1.  Interesting to you.  Interesting enough so you will read, research and write about it.
  2. There has to be a way to monetize your subject. That is, there has to be something to sell at some point….Something people will gladly pay money for, whether it is a product or a service.
  3. It has to be narrow enough in scope so that you can become an expert in your subject. Make it too broad and you will not attract your audience.
  4. Your niche must be of interest to enough people so that you will attract readers who want to know more about your topic.

Let’s go back to the examples above…and let’s chose “Sailboats” as the topic. This really is a huge topic in and of itself. There are many different brands and types of sailboats. You need to find an area of interest that appeals to you. Once you choose the area that interests you, then you can focus on that area and go with it.

If it were I, I would chose to write about living on a sailboat. I cheated and looked and it’s a good topic. I use a platform called Jaaxy which you can look at with the link below:and I simply type in phrases like “Living on a sailboat”.  More about this later, but let’s continue on with building on the basics.

There is nothing…not one thing…that is more important than getting the basics right. This is the hardest part…being disciplined enough to really get your website set up in a way that is marketable and attractive with very engaging writing. Don’t worry about the writing and the way your site looks yet.

When we finish talking about the content and the focus of your business, then we will look at building a real site.

So, now maybe you have two or three ideas as to what you would like to become a top expert on… do you believe what you have interest in is enough to hold your passion for months as you continue to uncover and read more and more about your subject?

You want to narrow it down to just one to start with…the one you like best and we will research it and see how it plays out.  This should be great fun. It is work, but it can feel like play if you find something that really interests you. You can pick any topic and become THE expert in your town, or even the world, especially if the topic is narrow enough.

Okay, now we have at least one topic that we are in love with or are ready to fall in love with, but let’s not make a commitment yet. There is no sense in going out there, becoming an expert and then finding out you have done a great job but you have something that won’t sell.

 What Are Keywords Used For – And What The Heck Are They?

First a keyword is not a “word” usually, It is most likely a short phrase. The word “sailboat” can be a keyword, but “living on a sailboat” is also a keyword. So, don’t get confused by the singular of the word…keyword…A keyword can just as likely be a string of words as one single word. So now we know what a “keyword” is.

There is a bit more to learn about keywords and they are handy in many ways. We know what they are but what are keywords used for?

Keywords are used to let Google and other search engines know what our site is about and what audience we want to draw to our site.

The other use of Keywords is to determine if we have a viable subject. We go right to the source…that is to Jaxxy, the site I mentioned above and we write in a keyword. “living on a sailboat” or “living on a boat”.

How Do I Find Keywords For A Website?

What we find is that there are many people searching online, using these words to find information about living on a boat. I find in Jaxxy keyword phrases like “how much does it cost to live on a sailboat”. Now you have started to figure how do I find keywords for a website.

I also notice there is not much competition for these keywords. This is a great sign and it tells me I have picked a really good topic.

Ok. Good. Now, can we monetize it? What will someone who lives on a sailboat, for example need? Sails, a boat, line or rope, very small appliances, books on boating. The list really goes on and on. You will have no problem selling products or services for sailboats. There are a huge number of items out there that you can affiliate with your website.

Your next step is to do more research and learn all you can about living on a boat or on a sailboat. Make a list of potential items to sell. Search on the website and see what manufacturers are selling what you’d like to market. Then, see if they have an affiliate program where they will pay you for sending business to them.  Keep good reference notes on this. You will need this information later.

Since we have narrowed the topic down quite a bit, then we can  expand to cover all medium size sailboats and power boats or not as the case may be…your preference. Your research will be ongoing so you don’t have to swallow it whole. You will have plenty of time to do your reading and research.

How To Make A Online Business Successful

Again, this part of the process and, when done right will form the foundation of your business. Keep in mind that what we want to do is not to build a website per se. We want to build a good, solid business, filled with good information and with very marketable products. This is how to make a online business successful…and you successful as a result.

Let’s review and see if this site accomplishes what you wanted to accomplish…

  1. It could certainly be of interest to many of us and we could be quite passionate about sailboats or power boats. There is plenty of material to be able to fill many pages of writing.
  2. Can we monetize it..turn profitable dollars? Yes. There are plenty of places to find and market products for this subject.
  3. Is this narrow enough in scope so you could become an expert? Certainly. Living on a sailboat, if you plan to do it, will make you expert, if you live it and you read about and talk to others about their experiences.
  4. Is it interesting to others? Yes, there are many people who are sailors or who would like to be. We saw from looking in Jaxxy that there are many people looking at the website daily and there are surely many products and services available to people who are interested in this topic.  Obviously, this subject is not going to be of interest to everybody.

The best topics will not be of interest to everybody, but there will be enough people interested to bring you many many visitors to your site.

Once you have completed this site and you truly have excitement and passion about your product, then you will have passion and excitement about your website. This will shine through to your audience and they will see you as a trusted expert and they will take your recommendations very seriously.

We must take this part of the process very seriously and at the same time have a lot of fun with it. I’m sure you have heard the phrase, “Do what you love and the money will follow”. There is much truth in this…That is if you pick a subject that you love to talk about….. and it’s one that will produce income.

The great thing about this is, if you take the time to do this part well, then you have the luxury of learning about something you love. You put your expertise out there and you make money doing it.

Could you ask for more, really…You are doing something you love. You are learning and becoming an expert in something you feel passionate about…AND you are making a ton of money.

Please comment and ask questions.





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  1. this is a great article, and you are so right – it’s wonderful to develop a business exploring something that you love. it makes you passionate about what you do and it brings results.

    1. Thank you Nikolina. I know…so many people end up spending so much of their lives doing things they don’t really like that much when with a little effort we can be spending all that time having fun making money. Best to you.

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