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This website is here to help you decide if online marketing is right for you. If you want to earn money online for free, you are in the right place. If you want to earn a lot of money…and I mean a LOT of money, you are really in the right place.

I will do my best to answer every question you have. Right now you may not know if this is right for you until you do a test drive but that is free and we make it easy to find out.

Please take a few minutes to read on. This is about an opportunity that is established and tested. Do your due diligence and see if this works for you. In any case, welcome to Affiliate Marketing.

Can I Become An Entrepreneur? Meet Tom

Hi. Thank you for stopping by. Let me tell you a little about myself. You deserve to know something about the person whose information you are evaluating. I have three lovely daughters and two amazing grandsons, Oliver and Ben.

The most incredible and satisfying thing I have ever done is to raise my children as best I could in a loving, safe environment. Nothing has been more important than that. I do want them to be proud of me and what I do. I like what I do and right now I am doing exactly what I’m best at, where I can support others and encourage them to be their best.

I am proud of my accomplishments but I am reticent to enumerate  them. However, I am told that you have the right to know who you are reading about and you deserve to know about why I think I am competent to make recommendations and offer guidance in your business journey. That is a solid suggestion and I take it seriously.

I spent my early career in the corporate world. I started off in sales and progressed through the ranks to become the Executive Vice President of a closely held corporation. We did about $25,000,000 a year in sales and had approximately 150 employees. I over saw all the various departments including Accounting, Sales,, Administration and IT, Human Resources and Branch Managers. I reported directly to the board of directors.

The company grew nicely under my management and as a result was sold to a competitor. I decided to leave at that time as I was ready to be done with the corporate environment and I wanted to test my entrepreneurial skills on my own.

I started by becoming an investment realtor, selling investment properties and investing myself. This was satisfying, but I love development and I bought land and developed the land into house lots, built homes and sold them.

 I built over 100 homes but I knew that development was much more within my skill set. I focused on that and when the housing market crashed about 10 years ago, I started buying foreclosures and fixing them up and selling them.

I am now back to building new construction again, but more as a sideline as I pursue online marketing. This is easily becoming my best business decision ever. I just absolutely love it.

For hobbies, I enjoy competing in triathlons and as I get older, the competition gets thinner and I figure if I keep at it, I will eventually win one of those in my age group. If I can only keep doing this til I’m 100, I really think I could win one.  LOL

I love kayaking, tennis, sailing. practically anything active. It doesn’t have to be competitive, but I enjoy that as well.

I have hiked in the Himalayas in Nepal and saw Mt. Everest, a life long dream. What a great trip with two of my daughters. (I can’t imagine how anyone could climb that thing). It was hard enough just getting close enough to take in the majesty of that incredible mountain.

I have competed in a 500 mile, 7 day bike ride through Belize which I was not hoping to win, but I was very happy to finish.

I have participated in races and informal events and have a blast testing myself in this way.

I did dabble a bit in politics, and it was fun, but not really something I wanted to pursue.

I love that I have had much variety in my life…

Now, I think you can see from this that I love a challenge.

Online marketing is a wonderful challenge for me. I knew little about computers and online anything, let alone online marketing when I decided to check this out.

When I do something that is a challenge to me and I do it to the best of my ability, my integrity skyrockets as I have found another way to be faithful to myself…to do what I tell myself I am going to do. My self-esteem is greatly enhanced and I just have a better life. And I feel better about life.

So there is all that, but I want to have a well rounded life that is not all about work, money and competition. As I mentioned above, I am most proud of my children and grandchildren who I love dearly.

I also put time aside for volunteer work, for spiritual growth and practice. I love working with homeless or near homeless people. Not so much to try to accomplish anything, but to just give them comfort and care, food, shoes and just as importantly, respect and friendship. There is something about that experience that brings me back to recognizing what is important and what I really care about. It’s other people and their dignity. It is how do we care for each other.

Without that dimension in my life, I would not find that fullness that I know that I need to be a full person.

So, please do not be intimidated by challenges that emerge in your life. No matter how painful or difficult, embrace them and move forward. You will have a better, more connected life as a result.

Thanks for reading all that. It was not as difficult to write as I feared. Another challenge is all.

Whatever it is you are facing….Go for it!

Tom – Online Marketing Entrepreneur

As you can see from above, I am an entrepreneur. I wasn’t so sure about this at one time, and then I discovered that I would not be happy any other way. That’s why I left the corporate life.  I love the process of creating and running a business that I have control over. I have developed a few and I have always enjoyed the process.

At this point in my life, I am an online marketing entrepreneur and I am loving every minute of it. I am enjoying developing my online business and working with others like you to help you “access the inner entrepreneur”.

Why Affiliate Marketing Is For Me

Let me tell you why I’m doing this. Can I earn money online? Yes I can. You can too. There are many ways to earn money and I am continuing to build my online business. At the same time I want to help you discover and uncover your entrepreneurial skills and desires.

This business gives me the chance to have fun, encourage and support people like you, develop my own websites and earn a great income with practically no risk. That is why Affiliate Marketing is for me.

Not everyone has what it takes to run their own business, but I suspect since you are here looking, you have the desire and fortitude to make this happen – for you and for your loved ones.

My mission in life includes helping you develop as a successful business person. Whether you have experience as a business owner or not, this opportunity is one I strongly encourage you to give a long serious look.

Start Affiliate Marketing Free

If you’re still reading and wondering how can I earn money for free online then keep on reading and I will do my best to direct you to the best resources I can and provide you with as much support as I can. You can start affiliate marketing free and see if it is right for you. I am so excited about this opportunity to make a great income and have freedom that I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t just go for it, but everyone has to decide for themselves, of course.

What is Wealthy Affiliate

By now, you may be wondering what is Wealthy Affiliate? I will be explaining and reviewing Wealthy Affiliate as you read on. In a nutshell, I spent much time researching various online opportunities. When I discovered Wealthy Affiliate, I knew my research was over.

Wealthy Affiliate is a site that provides education and support for people just like you. It is established and expert at what it does. This company wants to prove their value to you and they will.

They underpromise and overdeliver. They are not the only site out there offering support and education, but in my opinion, they are by far the best in every area I could find. I hope you enjoy these pages. Go to comment and ask any questions that you would like answered and I would be happy to do so. Best to you.

The rest of this webpage will give you much information about affiliate marketing in general and about specific resources you will find valuable in your creation of a healthy, profitable web page and business.

It’s pretty amazing!