How Can A Senior Make Money Online?

Hi and thank you for visiting my site. I’m guessing you came here to make a decision if online generation of income is for you. I also want to take some time to discuss a bit to get clear about what you are really looking for here. If you are not sure and you are just exploring and taking in ideas, this will be a good site for you to read.

I am myself a senior…a member in good standing of the Baby Boom generation. People who know what I am doing here will often ask me “How Can A Senior Make Money On Line?” and sometimes “Can A Senior Make Money On Line?”

Can I Make Money Online?

Logically, I guess we should address the second question first…Can a Senior Make Money On Line…Can I make money online?  The answer as I’m sure you have guessed is “yes, you sure can”. There are plenty of us out in the wild west of the internet and loving it. Retirees are making money on line every day. Some of us have substantial backgrounds and lots of sophisticated computer experience.

Many of us don’t have a lot of experience but are good learners. We who are older now have a lot of life experience and we know how to make things work. We are persistent and we are able to cut through the hype and get right to the heart of things. That is a lot about what online marketing in particular is all about. Most people are not looking for a lot of hype, but they want the facts and the benefits.

I understand that this is a very personal question, “Can I make money online?” Please invest some time on this site and see if you can get some ideas and hopefully some excitement. The whole idea of making money online has intrigued me for a long time. I found the perfect fit for me and I am just loving the heck out of it. I guess it is work, but I don’t find it that way. It really is a challenge like trying to figure out a puzzle, but the pieces are all there and there is a lot of help available.

So your next question would be a fair one…How do I do it? How can a senior make money online?

What’s The Best Way To Make Money Online – With You In Mind?

If you have looked around, you have seen that there are many ways to make money on the internet. Some are scams which I address elsewhere on this site. You can press HERE and you will find the ways to determine is something is a scam or not.  There are telltale signs.

I have to admit I am prejudiced toward the type of online marketing I am doing. I had a certain set of goals and I can tell you a bit how I made my decision as to which direction to go to fulfill my goals. I had the same question you probably do: What’s the best way to make money online?

I chose Affiliate Marketing for several reasons. I wanted it to be easy and not stressful. Well, easy in the sense that I could chose my own hours. I didn’t want to spend any money. I certainly didn’t want to buy inventory, I knew I needed help to get started. Probably the most important thing was that I wanted long-term passive income. I am willing to put a lot of effort in now if I know I can have an income later without having to work so hard.

I wanted to have something substantial to pass on to my kids someday. As time goes by, I probably will want to work less and spend more time traveling. This brings up another advantage of online selling,  It means I can create a lucrative business and I can continue to build it while I travel.

This simply seems like the best of all worlds to me. I can work on my business from home, from a tropical island, from a ski chalet in Switzerland. Just about anywhere there is an internet connection…which is most of the world now.

What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online?

That is the question to answer I think unless you have already figured it out. What is the best way to make money online? It will, of course, vary for each individual. You can take surveys and write for others, you can review websites and comment on them. There are many many ways to make short-term cash.

It is fine, but you have to keep working it in order to get paid. There is no residual income from those short term gigs. Nothing wrong with them and they fill a need but it wasn’t the one I was looking for. I am just guessing, but I’m thinking you are looking for something with very little or no risk and with a pretty good upside that will give you residual long-term income we talked about.

So for you is that the best way to make money online for you?

If you don’t mind the suggestion, if you haven’t constructed some financial and lifestyle goals lately, please visit my goal site HERE. It is a simple but effective way to get clear about what you want to do with the next few years of your life. I know as I have gotten older, my goals and expectations have changed, but at the same time, the goals seem more important than ever.

I work hard not to be yelling at you to buy something, and I would never want to even recommend something I don’t believe in. I believe in this program called Wealthy Affiliate. I looked at a lot of stuff and it was the Site that I thought had the most credibility. I talk about it a lot in other sections of this website and if you’re interested you can look here at my site “How Much Can I Make With Wealthy Affiliate?”


Senior Topics Discussion

I was thinking the other day how goals and lifestyle desires change for me as I have changed over the years. I am still very healthy and active. I am loving life now more than ever. I wanted to hope we could start a place here for a Senior Topics Discussion.

I know that many of us are in very different places but if you’re here reading this you are probably part of the Baby Boomer generation and older. We all have in common that we have lived a few decades longer than most people and we have some wisdom.

So what changed for me?  I am much more relaxed, more accepting of myself and others. I am finding that I am quite content with life.I realize I need to take really good care of myself. I need to eat well, exercise regularly and so on.

I am more willing to admit my faults and ask for help. I am more appreciative of what goes on around me. This is a beautiful time of life for me.

I’m sincerely glad you made the effort to come here and read this. I am hoping that you will leave some comments, ask some questions, tell us what you are thinking. I know it is important to connect with others throughout life and I think that is a very healthy need and I find it getting stronger as I get older. I am grateful for it because it enriches my life to reach out to others.

What about you?


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