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Hello. If you want to know how to join Wealthy Affiliatejust follow the link below and you will be “transported” into the website. There you can explore, sign up, and grab a free ticket to create your business and/or your website and take a look at the various options that are available to you.

Extra Online Business Support

Should you elect to sign in to the site through these links, we will offer you extra online business support and help as you go through the process of building your business. We offer you the experience of many years of entrepreneurship as well as much experience in developing an online business. You will find great support within Wealthy Affiliate, but sometimes you just need that personal touch.

Whenever you are starting something new, it is good to have someone there for you who “has been there, done that”.  That is the extra back up and support we have to offer. Anything that you can accomplish on your own, you can almost certainly get there faster and more efficiently with some extra help and guidance.

Sometimes it is a specific issue that is confusing and you just need some help with…or it may be a decision as to how much time to spend on a specific area or how to prioritize. At other times, you may just need a pat on the back and some encouragement to keep going, to keep motivated.

Whatever that may be, We can help you here. I’m hoping you will join us for this wonderful adventure in online wealth building.

Want To Learn More About Wealthy Affiliate?

If you are not familiar with Wealthy affiliate or you simply want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, please check out my review, or the various other posts in here. But let me fill you in on the basics…Basics are always good. They are what give us success if we follow them.

I can say without equivication that if you give yourself the gift of taking an hour or more most days of the week AND you follow the guidelines and lessons as closely as possible…this means not skipping around, but being disciplined…you will have huge success.

Coming in here we knew essentially nothing and we have developed a first class website and more importantly a first class business. I have a lot of experience with developing new businesses and you can’t do better than what is here if you follow the directions.

The Magic Of Wealthy

Of course there really is no magic to it. It is simply a lot of experience put into an excellent course on how to develop your profitable business. Want to go to Wealthy now? Simply push the magic button here and off you go. You can come back any time you want. I hope you do and we can discuss your progress and questions.

Get Wealthy At Wealthy Affiliate

Ok. So admittedly this is a bit of a corny line, but can become a reality for you. It won’t happen overnight but it will happen with some persistence and some grit. I believe that nothing worth doing is going to be super easy. Will you “Get Wealthy At Wealthy Affiliate?”

Yes you will. You will and you will be able to leave your job. You will be able to pay your kid’s or grandkid’s education, you will be able to live where you want..on the beach if you want, you can give to charities and needs as you see them. It is not easy but you CAN do it.

Get started with some determination, throw in some good Goal Setting, Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate and three months from now…if you work at it…you will start to see amazing things happen. Take a look at how this can work if you work at it…

How To Sign Up For Wealthy Affiliate

Before you sign up for anything, you need to know what you are getting into. I want to save you time and energy. Wealthy Affiliate is not for everyone. It is not a get rich quick scheme. It is unlike any other business in many ways…including very low cost to get started. It IS like other businesses in that not everyone succeeds. Most businesses fail due to lack of capital. That won’t happen here.

Before we discuss further how to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate I want you to understand that most people who fail at this fail because they lack the tenacity to stick with something that will pay off nicely later on but requires a lot of upfront work.

I will not mislead you. No business, including this one, is going to be without its frustrations, disappointments and mistakes.  You will experience all of this. But for those of you who are ready, willing and able to tackle things head on, who have the determination and willingness to work hard, this will be a fun and fulfilling experience. It’s not that I don’t want everyone to give it a try .Go ahead. Just keep in mind that if you want to succeed, you must be committed to learning the lessons and applying them.

If you do that, you will find this the most rewarding business and money making experience that you can imagine. In fact it will reward you in many ways, well BEYOND what you can imagine.

Getting Started At Wealthy Affiliate

Ok. If you are still with me, I am impressed that you are willing to make this kind of commitment and you have already taken your first major step in getting started at Wealthy Affiliate. The commitment is the big thing. I know you don’t really know what is ahead and what to expect. Once you go into Wealthy Affiliate, go ahead and set up a profile. You will be directed on how to do this. Don’t be overwhelmed by the site. Just take your time and check it out as you learn your way around. It will start to make sense quickly.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A School?

Experiment with the site. Take a look at the lessons. When you are ready, just jump in and start on a lesson. Take it slowly and do every step in order. Don’t rush. Just take your time.  Somebody asked me is Wealthy Affiliate A School? I thought about that and it really is. It is much more than that but it is a school. That is why it is very important to follow the lessons closely and percisely.

You will see there is the opportunity to sign up for the more extensive paid by the month course. If you are ready for that go ahead, but you NEVER have to sign up for the Premium Membership to be successful. It just may move you along more quickly.

I am harping on the idea and I want to make it clear that you NEED to follow the lessons. I would not be making a big deal out of this, but your chances of success in Wealthy Affiliate are about 100% if you follow the directions and you stick with it. If you hit a roadblock ask in the site or here, but DO NOT skip ahead until you complete the lesson you are on. By complete, I don’t just mean read it but also apply it to your very own website.

I want you to succeed and the most important ingredients are to be persistent and committed AND take the lessons fully and completely.

Think I have said it enough? You see we skipped around when we started and it just slowed us down. As soon as we decided we had to simply take one step at a time, our website came together quickly and professionally.

What else can I tell you? Have fun!  This is a great opportunity for you. The rewards are fabulous. Once you have gotten through the Wealthy Affiliate training, you will know far more than 99% of your competition. You will be amazed at how much you will know in just a few weeks from now.

Go for it. Do it. Do yourself and your family a favor and become an entrepreneur with a successful business.


Come back here and share your adventure with us.

I am excited that you are giving this a good look. Best to your on your entrepreneurial journey.





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