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This website is here to help you decide if online marketing is right for you. If you want to earn money online for free, you are in the right place. If you want to earn a lot of money…and I mean a LOT of money, you are really in the right place.

I will do my best to answer every question you have. Right now you may not know if this is right for you until you do a test drive but that is free and we make it easy to find out.

Please take a few minutes to read on. This is about an opportunity that is established and tested. Do your due diligence and see if this works for you. In any case, welcome to Affiliate Marketing.

Can I Become An Entrepreneur? Meet Tom

Hi. Thank you for stopping by. Let me tell you a little about myself. You deserve to know something about the person whose information you are evaluating. I have three lovely daughters and two amazing grandsons, Oliver and Ben.

The most incredible and satisfying thing I have ever done is to raise my children as best I could in a loving, safe environment. Nothing has been more important than that. I do want them to be proud of me and what I do. I like what I do and right now I am doing exactly what I’m best at, where I can support others and encourage them to be their best.

I am proud of my accomplishments but I am reticent to enumerate  them. However, I am told that you have the right to know who you are reading about and you deserve to know about why I think I am competent to make recommendations and offer guidance in your business journey. That is a solid suggestion and I take it seriously.

I spent my early career in the corporate world. I started off in sales and progressed through the ranks to become the Executive Vice President of a closely held corporation. We did about $25,000,000 a year in sales and had approximately 150 employees. I over saw all the various departments including Accounting, Sales,, Administration and IT, Human Resources and Branch Managers. I reported directly to the board of directors.

The company grew nicely under my management and as a result was sold to a competitor. I decided to leave at that time as I was ready to be done with the corporate environment and I wanted to test my entrepreneurial skills on my own.

I started by becoming an investment realtor, selling investment properties and investing myself. This was satisfying, but I love development and I bought land and developed the land into house lots, built homes and sold them.

 I built over 100 homes but I knew that development was much more within my skill set. I focused on that and when the housing market crashed about 10 years ago, I started buying foreclosures and fixing them up and selling them.

I am now back to building new construction again, but more as a sideline as I pursue online marketing. This is easily becoming my best business decision ever. I just absolutely love it.

For hobbies, I enjoy competing in triathlons and as I get older, the competition gets thinner and I figure if I keep at it, I will eventually win one of those in my age group. If I can only keep doing this til I’m 100, I really think I could win one.  LOL

I love kayaking, tennis, sailing. practically anything active. It doesn’t have to be competitive, but I enjoy that as well.

I have hiked in the Himalayas in Nepal and saw Mt. Everest, a life long dream. What a great trip with two of my daughters. (I can’t imagine how anyone could climb that thing). It was hard enough just getting close enough to take in the majesty of that incredible mountain.

I have competed in a 500 mile, 7 day bike ride through Belize which I was not hoping to win, but I was very happy to finish.

I have participated in races and informal events and have a blast testing myself in this way.

I did dabble a bit in politics, and it was fun, but not really something I wanted to pursue.

I love that I have had much variety in my life…

Now, I think you can see from this that I love a challenge.

Online marketing is a wonderful challenge for me. I knew little about computers and online anything, let alone online marketing when I decided to check this out.

When I do something that is a challenge to me and I do it to the best of my ability, my integrity skyrockets as I have found another way to be faithful to myself…to do what I tell myself I am going to do. My self-esteem is greatly enhanced and I just have a better life. And I feel better about life.

So there is all that, but I want to have a well rounded life that is not all about work, money and competition. As I mentioned above, I am most proud of my children and grandchildren who I love dearly.

I also put time aside for volunteer work, for spiritual growth and practice. I love working with homeless or near homeless people. Not so much to try to accomplish anything, but to just give them comfort and care, food, shoes and just as importantly, respect and friendship. There is something about that experience that brings me back to recognizing what is important and what I really care about. It’s other people and their dignity. It is how do we care for each other.

Without that dimension in my life, I would not find that fullness that I know that I need to be a full person.

So, please do not be intimidated by challenges that emerge in your life. No matter how painful or difficult, embrace them and move forward. You will have a better, more connected life as a result.

Thanks for reading all that. It was not as difficult to write as I feared. Another challenge is all.

Whatever it is you are facing….Go for it!

Tom – Online Marketing Entrepreneur

As you can see from above, I am an entrepreneur. I wasn’t so sure about this at one time, and then I discovered that I would not be happy any other way. That’s why I left the corporate life.  I love the process of creating and running a business that I have control over. I have developed a few and I have always enjoyed the process.

At this point in my life, I am an online marketing entrepreneur and I am loving every minute of it. I am enjoying developing my online business and working with others like you to help you “access the inner entrepreneur”.

Why Affiliate Marketing Is For Me

Let me tell you why I’m doing this. Can I earn money online? Yes I can. You can too. There are many ways to earn money and I am continuing to build my online business. At the same time I want to help you discover and uncover your entrepreneurial skills and desires.

This business gives me the chance to have fun, encourage and support people like you, develop my own websites and earn a great income with practically no risk. That is why Affiliate Marketing is for me.

Not everyone has what it takes to run their own business, but I suspect since you are here looking, you have the desire and fortitude to make this happen – for you and for your loved ones.

My mission in life includes helping you develop as a successful business person. Whether you have experience as a business owner or not, this opportunity is one I strongly encourage you to give a long serious look.

Start Affiliate Marketing Free

If you’re still reading and wondering how can I earn money for free online then keep on reading and I will do my best to direct you to the best resources I can and provide you with as much support as I can. You can start affiliate marketing free and see if it is right for you. I am so excited about this opportunity to make a great income and have freedom that I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t just go for it, but everyone has to decide for themselves, of course.

What is Wealthy Affiliate

By now, you may be wondering what is Wealthy Affiliate? I will be explaining and reviewing Wealthy Affiliate as you read on. In a nutshell, I spent much time researching various online opportunities. When I discovered Wealthy Affiliate, I knew my research was over.

Wealthy Affiliate is a site that provides education and support for people just like you. It is established and expert at what it does. This company wants to prove their value to you and they will.

They underpromise and overdeliver. They are not the only site out there offering support and education, but in my opinion, they are by far the best in every area I could find. I hope you enjoy these pages. Go to comment and ask any questions that you would like answered and I would be happy to do so. Best to you.

The rest of this webpage will give you much information about affiliate marketing in general and about specific resources you will find valuable in your creation of a healthy, profitable web page and business.

It’s pretty amazing!




Work At Home Online For Free

Want to work at home free from the hassles of commuting and bosses looking over your shoulder? Are you looking to build some extra income or go full time working from home..or at least realize a full time income? From home? That’s right…A full time income and you work at home for free!

I want to share with you HOW you can work at home for free. Not only can you work at home, but you can earn a substantial income. This is not just a way to make a few extra dollars, although it is ok if that is what you want. You can make a full time income and well, even way beyond what you could earn in a full time job.

We are talking six and seven figure annual incomes…You control the number by how much time and effort you put in. But more about that later.

Work at home online free. And make a good income…sound too good to be true? This is NOT too good to be true. It is already working for many of us.

Let me tell you what your life style will be. Get up whenever you want, stay in your pajamas if that is your preference. When you’re ready sit down at your computer, review your goals for the day and go to work. Sit at a desk, on your couch or just sit propped up in your bed…Or my all time favorite on the beach with my laptop!

I don’t know your particular situation, but you may be a student, a retiree, a realtor, or nurse, an entrepreneur, or someone who is tired of the 9 to 5 grind.  Looking for a career or a change in career….Take a real good look at the lifestyle this one provides….and the fun and creativity.

I can think of many reasons to work at home online free.

More times with the kids, saving on childcare?

I would consider the commute from my bed to the living room couch a short commute.

Much less stress by working at home…How much time would you save not having to commute?

More flexibility…

Most of all I think it is just a LOT more fun to work this way. Home is comfortable and I know I am much more productive when I am in a comfortable environment.

You get rewarded based on what you accomplish and not what someone else decides you are worth. You are not lining some boss’s pockets with the money you have made the effort to produce.

You decided to live where you live for a reason. It is a place where you must want to be. So be there.

Work At Home Online Free Of The Office Stress

For millennia, our ancestors worked from home, whether they were hunters and gathers and later farmers. It gave rise to strong community and family ties. It is wholesome and healthy to want to work in your home.

Our day wasn’t cut up into work time where we would go off to some job, leave the family, and then home where we would have to adjust to all over. Rather, we would see the day as a continuum. We would arise not have that big break in the morning rushing off to “the office” or wherever. It is smoother and better for us to be able to be at home and move in and out of work as we decide to do.

We eat our meals, take our breaks and live life as it is supposed to be lived. The whole idea of leaving our family and the place where we live to go off to a sterile, stressful environment can be easily eliminated.

Of course, if you want to get out of the house, there are plenty of places to go to create your website, such as libraries, parks and of course, my favorite again….The Beach.

This will be a wonderful, lucrative and enjoyable way for you to earn money online.

To me this process is like putting together a puzzle…figure out what you want to become an expert at, do your research online, take notes if you must and then write. Not a great writer? Not a problem. There are templates to guide you through that as well.

Once the website is up and running and you have gotten feedback from the Wealthy Affiliate Community, you can sit back and let the sales begin.

Does this seem like a dream come true for you? Others have started right where you are and have developed sites, seen income come in and have quit their jobs and do this full time.

It isn’t going to take years but it will take months to get to that point. The hard part is at the beginning where you are learning how to get a quality website up and running. Once that is done, you will start to see results. What will the results look like? Take a look at the projections on what you can expect to see happen and when. This is at the bottom of this site.

Are you thinking “I know so little about computers and marketing, How can I ever pull this off?”  It is one step at a time and you are guided through the process. It is very doable if you are willing to put some effort in now for huge rewards later.

Look. You may have lots of questions. Of course you would and probably some hesitation. All I ask is that you read on and explore this opportunity. It would be a shame to pass this by when it will change your life….both financially as well as how you work in very positive ways.

There is a ton of information here and even more when you go into the Wealthy Affiliate website. If there are any questions or hesitation, please ask. I will respond to you quickly.

Don’t Forget Goal Setting – The Way Of Freedom

One thing I strongly suggest you do is to go to the GOAL SETTING PAGE in this site and check it out. Take a bit of time to complete this process and you may be surprised at what it is you find out about yourself there.

Whether you decide to move forward with an online business or not, you will find it helpful to get a good look inside your head and heart and understand what you want from life from a whole new and fresh prespective.

Goal setting gives you a huge advantage over most of the people in this world. What happens is that once your heart’s desire is consciously set on paper, reflecting what you really want, the universe will move and you will be amazed at the things that happen to you. Sound a little weird? Maybe – but try it and you will be amazed….I promise.

I know it has happened for me many times and I want that to happen for you…..


What Is Affiliate Marketing And How To Start – It’s Life Changing

Learn About Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Let’s take a moment and examine the basics of Affiliate Marketing.  You may well have come to this site wondering what is Affiliate Marketing and how to start. If you are just starting out, this is the place to learn about Affiliate Marketing for beginners.  I will answer your questions here as well as how the training works.

Affiliate Marketing is simply marketing goods and services that others produce and/or provide. It’s that simple. We don’t make anything. We provide a very valuable service to anyone who wants to sell their products or services. Also, Affiliates provide a valuable service to anyone who is looking to purchase either.

As an Affiliate Marketer you will create a website(s) and attract potential buyers who will then purchase the products or services you are marketing. You are rewarded for your efforts by the seller with a percentage of the sale.

If you’re asking how do I make that happen? Don’t worry. Just keep reading. You can do this!


How to Learn The Basics of Affiliate Marketing

So, now relax, sit back and let me help you through an understanding of the process of what is Affiliate Marketing. Please trust me here. This isn’t rocket science. It takes effort but it is a safe and secure way to build a business. The best way to learn how this works is to affiliate yourself with a support platform that offers a comprehensive approach to helping you through the learning curve.

In my learning I wanted the very best website I could possibly develop. I wasn’t interested in a lot of trial and error. I wanted it as close to perfect as I could get it. There was no way that I was going to do that on my own. I depending heavily on my support system who were gracious and tremendously helpful. By aligning myself with people more experienced than I am, I had great success within 45 days of beginning.

In a nutshell, I would not recommend attempting this business without support and training.  Which brings us to the next subject….


What is Affiliate Marketing training

So what is Affiliate Marketing training? and what can I expect? Before starting any venture, it is important to know as much as possible about what will be required and what support you can count on.

Affiliate Marketing training is a step by step process that will take you from knowing no more than how to get a computer started to the point where you will have your website ranked number one on Google. After that, the income will begin and only grow and then expand geometrically.

It took me 45 days to get there, but I worked hard to make it happen. And it did. I was not a computer guy. I had to learn the basics. It is unlikely you knew less than I did when I started.

Good Affiliate Marketing training will be very detailed and will provide education and support. There are many steps in the process and the more instruction you have, the better your end product will be.

This section is “The How To Affiliate Marketing For Beginners”

This section is the How To Affiliate Marketing for Beginners. I want to help you get started. My strong suggestion is that you ally yourself with an experienced, powerful Affiliate Marketing partner. I did my research. I would not hook up with one that wanted money or credit card upfront. If the program is really good, let it prove itself to me first.

The next step is to go in and “test drive” the course. This is what I did and I found that Wealthy Affiliate was all they had promised and more. At that point, I decided to take it seriously, jump in and start the process as a full business.

I suggest checking out Wealthy Affiliate. I did the due diligence and I looked at the rest and nothing came close in my opinion. But that is my opinion. I have had great success there and that is the proof I need to make that suggestion.

Why Start An Affiliate Marketing Business

The answer to this question was so easy for me when I started thinking about it. I mention it earlier in my Welcome when I talked about why I decided this was to be my next (and best) business. Why start an Affiliate Marketing business? Easy question. Easy answers.

The risk is minimal. It is about putting time and effort in, but practically no money. There is no inventory. There is no accounts receivables or collecting money, there is no need for employees unless you get to that point. The cash flow is really easy. The risk essentially disappears. Any other business I have been in has always had cash flow problems. In fact that is true of almost any business in the world with very few exceptions.

Even a very profitable business can have cash flow problems because of inventory, trying to collect money and failing and employees. And suddenly I find a business that has none of those problems.

So that is my first reason for getting on board with this amazing concept.

Start Affiliate Marketing Free

The next question I had to answer was Can I Make Money In Affiliate Marketing. I address this question in another section but I will quickly answer Yes and big time. The risk/reward of this business is incredible. You can start Affiliate Marketing free. You risk your time…and it can be a fun time…almost no money and the rewards can be huge…six and seven figure incomes.

Not bad at all for working from home, risking little, having fun and providing a wonderful needed service. It is the dream job of your own creation. It is your ticket to financial independence.

So those are the big things to look for, in my opinion, low risk, high reward, providing a service to others, something to enjoy and of course the incredible flexibility, giving you the lifestyle you have dreamed about.

Maybe most importantly, the feeling of a huge increase in self-esteem, pride and satisfaction. You will have taken the time and made the effort to make a better life for yourself and your family and contributed to the community as well.

If this sounds at all interesting, I encouraging you take the next step…remember no money, no credit card…Go forth and begin the process of changing your life….



What About Wealthy Affiliate Works?

Before we get to the review, I want to discuss with you a bit the question which is what about Wealthy Affiliate works? More importantly, what about Wealthy Affiliate works for you? It works hard for me and it has made me successful. It is a combination of my hard work and persistence along with the best education I can imagine that makes this all work for me.

This is why I am so excited about my affiliate business…I have all the support in the world….all the education I could hope for…relationships with wonderful members doing the same thing I am.

Watch Out For Online Marketing Scams

There are some really good resources for online marketing business opportunities that are available. There are also some pretty heavy duty scams as well.

Those are pretty easy to spot. Let me share with you how I watch out for online marketing scams. They promise incredible results in practically no time at all. Or they may promise that there is little work required…making it sound very easy and simple..

Then, the other clue is do they want money before you have had a chance to try them out? You’ve probably seen them where they want your credit card but won’t bill you for 30 days, but you then have to figure out how to go in and cancel…Believe me, I have been there and done that and they don’t make it easy.

Often it’s a combination of all the above. The scams are often well written and they can be very exciting. I find myself thinking…If that were only true…what a great way to make a quick buck. I mean who wouldn’t want little work and lots of money? But reality sets in and I move on.

What Makes Good Online Marketing Business Opportunities?

Good online marketing business opportunities are available for sure. Just make sure you are vigilant and take into consideration the signs of a scam. Of course the other consideration is how long a support program or opportunity has been around.

It is true that we all have to start somewhere, but maybe we let someone else be the guinea pig and we stay with a proven system. Make sense?

I know that your website will be your business, and a support system that is run well and confidently will want you to take a good look before you sign up. A good online marketing business opportunity is going to offer you a chance to really research and get your feet wet before you dive in with any money or a credit card.

In fact, this business can be done without spending any money at all. There are not quite as many services offered, but even at that, it is far better than many of the affiliate sites out there.

It is important that you have the most advanced technology to keep your business operating at 100% at all times of the day. The average person performs over 130 searches per month in Google, and Google is currently getting over 3.5 BILLION searches per day. And that is just Google. GoogleTo effectively market in this exploding field, you certainly need to be supported with sophisticated technology made easy. I am  committed to making sure you get a big chunk of that business.

With over 15 years experience online, Wealthly Affiliate is a site dedicated to helping aspiring and already successful affiliate marketers online. We are truly a pay it forward community, and one where we all have each other’s best interests at heart.

You know what I didn’t expect but I find amazing? When I run into a roadblock or a problem, whether it is technical or whatever it is I can post my question and people who have been doing this for years and are very successful..men and women making six and seven figure incomes will take the time to guide me.

And I don’t mean just one person, but every time I ask a question, I can hardly read all the support that comes my way. We are a bunch of people with a bunch of different businesses, but we are a community committed to helping each other.

In my opinion, that is what makes a good online marketing business. This is my experience and the experience of many others who have found a platform on which to build a successful business.

Affiliates Are Consultants

The web is so big and growing so fast that we are not afraid of competition, but rather see ourselves as a community of entrepreneurs, all working to build our own business. You will find yourself welcomed into a group of people all working toward learning more and generously helping those who are part of the community. It is a great environment to be in since it is cooperative and helpful.

This is as gracious a bunch of business people as you will find. It is a joy to start to get to know others who are working on developing their own business. Some of us are earning 7-figure incomes while some of us are just getting started. The Web is dynamic and we are all learning as we go.

The benefits of being part of a group that is growing and generous and friendly will help with your business but it will give you intangibles as well. Do you think you might ever get discouraged? You will. But you can just message for encouragement and you will get it many times over. Stuck with a question? No matter how sophisticated or simple there will be someone answering you within seconds..minutes at the most.

So, please read on….any comments or questions? Please feel free to ask.


A Wealthy Affiliate Review For 2018

Once I found Wealthy Affiliate, I got excited. From years of developing companies and working with many other businesses, I have developed a pretty good sense of what makes a company mediocre, what makes one good and what makes one great. This company is one of the great ones. What about Wealthy Affiliate works so well?

I love the way it is organized. The owners have the confidence to not insist on getting paid up front. Their willingness to let you test drive for as long as you want with no money changing hands was a huge indicator of integrity right off the bat for me. I love their commitment to you, the entrepreneur. The service level is unusually high and their ability to deliver on what they promise is amazing.

I decided to jump on board with this company and become part of it. You can too. You will have all the independence you could hope for with all the support you need.
My experience with this group has been tremendously rewarding, the education has exceeded my expectations, and the support is just incredible.
I’m a pretty picky and critical guy when it comes to deciding who I’m going to work with. I avoid any hint of dishonesty, any incompetence, lack of motivation, too little service, any hint that I’m being overcharged for what I get. This company gets Aces on every measure I can evaluate.

Most of the companies I looked at on line were ones that I ran from. Most of them wanted my credit card and some kind of upfront payment to even get started. That, to me, is a red flag big time. Many of them were just getting started and there is nothing wrong with that, everyone has to start somewhere, but it was clear they just didn’t have their act together.

I really wanted to work with a company that had paid their dues and could support me in all the ways I wanted support. I didn’t want to risk my time and money on an unproven entity.
So what got me so excited about Wealthy Affiliate? It takes a lot to get me excited about an opportunity. There are many out there posing as great and wonderful, when it’s all just words. I can tell you, I have experienced this company and the people involved and these guys really have their act together. We can help you earn a good income online.

What About Wealthy Affiliate?

Ok, getting down to particulars, let me tell you what I found in this gem of a company:
What about Wealthy Affiliate:  You are carefully taught to develop your own online business, step by step. This is painstakingly laid out in classes that completely cover every bit of the process. There is no guess work. It is not up to you to fill in the blanks. You are told in detail what works and what doesn’t. I have found that all the information I need is here. I don’t have to go looking elsewhere or “make it up as I go along”.
If this appeals to you, then you are definitely in the right place and I know you are going to love what we have in store for you.

Wealthy Affiliate has been actively working with close to 1,000,000 entrepreneurs since 2005 and have helped MANY create full time, 6-7 figure businesses online.
If you’re thinking of a more modest business, that is easily accomplished as well. It is up to you.
The affiliate program at Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most technologically advanced, sophisticated, and progressive platforms in the world. The creators of this training and support system have been at this for decades and it shows. They know what they’re doing and it works.
Because of this and being involved in 100’s of different affiliate programs over the years, they know exactly what it is you need and will bend over backward to over-deliver. I love the over-deliver part of a company’s commitment.

Unlike many programs in the industry that focus on “taking advantage of customers”, the focus is on making the service better. The better our service gets, and then more people stick around and become successful. That is the way to build a viable business. No business stays around for 15 years + that doesn’t offer a lot of real value. We want you to stick with us and be successful.

Think about what you need to be successful online. You may not even know what you need yet, but we do. Whether you are just starting out with essentially no experience and knowledge, as I was at one time, or you are pretty sophisticated about online selling as I consider myself now, this is the kind of support you need:
The following list of features and support services will impress you if you have ever tried to create a website before or if you have ever worked with a support system you have likely never seen anything like this

Is it easy to get help? YES Is private coaching available? YES Can you contact the owners? YES       

 Is there live chat? YES  Is there step by step training? YES Are free websites included? YES

Is web hosting included? YES  Do they offer a domain platform? YES

Can you try for free? YESIs there a keyword research tool? YES

Is there an affiliate program? YES

Hey, the most important question? Does this thing really work….for newbies as well as for the experienced guys?

OH YES. It works.

At Wealthy Affiliate our commitment is to make you money. Your success is the success of Wealthy Affiliate.
The powerful hosting you will have access to is unparalleled in the Managed WordPress hosting industry. We truly specialize here in providing a secure, robust and FAST platform for you to run your website.





Top Affiliate Marketing – Opportunity

I am offering you the opportunity to get a huge head start on your business by signing up here. There is a tremendous amount of help available to you on the Wealthy Affiliate site. What is available to you here is additional support personalized by me to you….one on one. This a top affiliate marketing opportunity.

For Affiliate Marketing Entrepreneurs

Getting started is the challenge. Once you get your first site up and running, the second is incredibly easier. Eventually, it will become automatic. I commit to giving you all the support I can to make sure you get that first one going. At the bottom of the page, there is a place for your questions. When you get stuck and can’t figure out your next step just come back in here and I will walk you through to get you going again.

Affiliate marketing entrepreneurs are people who are willing to work, are willing to learn and are able to stick with the process. At the same time we all need support and encouragement from time to time.  That is why I am offering you this extra level of help.

This will save you a ton of time and I want to make this simple and easy and help keep you motivated.

The process is simple but it’s hard work… It is fun, but at times you may get frustrated and that is what I’m here for. I love the opportunity to help you get your site up and running quickly and I want you to have a site that meets your goals.

As I wrote above, there is plenty of help inside the Wealthy Affiliate site and there is even more here. I personally am committed to making sure you succeed. If you are committed to your success I am too.

How To Succeed At Affiliate Marketing

Whatever endeavor we take on, if it is truly worthwhile, we are going to hit those roadblocks. I don’t care if it’s a physical training program, weight loss, or starting a business. we all hit those obstructions. Getting through those catapult us to another level. then we are off and running again until we hit another obstacle and we need to get through that one. It is all about growth..personal and business growth. They go hand in hand.

The most important attribute you must have is persistence. That is my answer whenever someone want to know how to succeed at affiliate marketing.

It is getting through those challenges that we need to do on our own but we also need to get help as well or we can get bogged down and stuck . It can be a technical issue or it can be a personal block. We all have them. Or it can be a combination of both…this is often the case.

I have hit up against those all my life. I learned very early in life that I would need help to achieve what I wanted to achieve. If you set big goals, which I hope you do, you will need help too. This has been a huge advantage for me. I can think about many of my accomplishments whether with my athletics, schooling, relationships or business where I absolutely could not have gotten to where I wanted to go without mentors, encouragers, and support people.

Best Way To Learn Affiliate Marketing

The very best way to learn affiliate marketing is to jump in and do it, but you will waste a lot of time if you try to go it on your own…and why should you when there is all this help available?

I am glad to give this back. I have huge gratitude for all that help.

As I thought about what I could offer you to help you succeed, I could think of nothing better. I could think of nothing more helpful. There was nothing that I could offer that would increase your odds of success more than this offer.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate, you will get incredible support. I am offering you another level of help to give you one more boost in becoming the success here I know you can be. I know nothing about you yet, but I assure you that if you stick with this program, use the tools and support freely, you will achieve well beyond whatever you are now thinking. That is an exciting concept my friend.

Affiliate Marketing – Online Marketing

In a nutshell here is the process, and this is just a quick overview:

Set goals as to what you want to accomplish and why.

Check out the goal-setting page in this website. It’s the perfect way to get started on your new journey that will change your life.

Set a timeframe for your goals…the more specific the better. You can always change them later.

Dive in and start to create your site…

Decide what you want to be an expert at or what you already know a lot about. Do some research and become, if not an expert, know enough to write about your topic. (You don’t have to be a writer, we help you through that)

Establish your website

Pick words that reflect to potential customers what you are providing for products or services.

Go live and see your site being visited and your sales take off.

As I indicate above, this is the overview and there are lessons and instructions inside our site that will propel you through this process and put you head and shoulders above most sites on the internet.

Click the link below to get to our Wealthy Affiliate Site.  Feel free to go to the bottom of the page to ask any questions you may have.



How Much Can I Make With Wealthy Affiliate?

You know what I really find offensive? It is those sites that promise thousands and thousands of dollars the first month. I hate to be so blunt but those are simply out and out lies. It ain’t gonna happen, If it was real…Well it just isn’t. So if I were you I’d be asking the question now….How much can I make with Wealthy Affiliate?

Below is what you can realistically expect.  You will make money online but this is not going to be without some real serious work and persistence. I will tell you making this kind of money is not easy, which isn’t to say it can’t be a lot of fun.

It can be and you will be part of a large community of successful people who are happy to jump in and give you help whenever you need it. Here are typical realistic goals for a committed, hard working person who is willing to put the time and energy in. Is this you? I think it is. It can be if you are ready to say yes and “just do it” as they say.

How Much Money Can I Make With Wealthy Affiliate?

MONTH 1: Accomplishments

  1. Get your website set up
  2. Do a great job researching and writing about your product or service
  3. Get the site in condition to be ranked by google/yahoo/bing
  4. Be indexed by google/yahoo/bing
  5. Have 5 to 10 posts on your website
  6. Earning Potential...Don’t expect much yet. You are getting ready for the income to pour in later.

MONTH 3: Accomplishments

  1. You can expect to get ranked by google/bing/yahoo
  2. Your site will start to get searched more and more
  3. Sales are beginning!
  4. Your rank will continue to grow as you are more often searched
  5. You will now have written about 50 posts for your site
  6. You now know more than almost anyone else out there with a website due to the training you have received in Wealthy Affiliate
  7. Earning Potential…Now it is getting really exciting as you start to see some money coming in…maybe up to $500 in a month. This is just the beginning!

MONTH 6: Accomplishments

  1. Now we are rolling! you are starting to see up to 100 people per day on your site
  2. As a result, your sales are taking off with several per week.
  3. You are celebrating
  4. You are truly getting expertise on your product/service and you now know what it takes to make this site work for you
  5. Your ranking is getting better and better as you gain respect within google/bing/yahoo
  6. You continue to add posts to your website as you get more sophisticated every day
  7. You are getting more and more excited as you see your site taking off
  8. Earning Potential:… Maybe $500…Maybe up to $3000 is a fair estimate


  1. You think you were excited before? Hardly. You are seeing traffic on your site all day long. This is great. This is what you waited for.
  2. Google/bing/Yahoo are thinking very highly of you now.
  3. You are finding that other sites are reaching out to you to link which increases your traffic and credibility
  4. You are making sales daily
  5. You have continued to add posts to your site
  6. Earning Potential: You are now making decent money for just one year in…At a minimum $3,000 a month and potentially up to maybe $10,000…It can be more at this point! You have worked hard and you have surely earned it!


  1. It only is getting better.
  2. You are impressing google/bing/yahoo
  3. You know exactly what you are doing and things are getting easier and more lucrative for you
  4. You are making a great income on line now
  5. You have it made
  6. You have continued to add posts to your site and you are now one of the top performers in your area of expertise
  7. Earning Potential:...Celebrate BIG TIME. You are now in the $10,000 to $20,000 range and it just keeps getting better and better. You are celebrating the decision you made just 24 months ago.


  1. By now you are loving your new lifestyle.
  2. You are able to use your money to give to charities as you see fit, pay for your kid’s education, fund your retirement, travel. You have so many options now…Time and financial resources you have not had before
  3. You are an expert and you are enjoying your business more and more. You may have elected to hire help to enhance your business by now. Life if pretty cool.
  4. Earning Potential: $10,000-$50,000 per month. This is just a guess. you may well be way beyond this depending on how much you have put into it. 60 months and you are in great shape and having a blast doing it.

But remember, you are building a business here. You get OUT of your business what you put INTO it. Ask any successful person what the fundamental reason why they are successful and others are not and they will usually say one of two things. Hard Work or Persistence or Focus, probably all three. Plus lots of help along the way.

Wealthy Affiliate – Online Business Networking

Online business networking and support boosts your odds of business success astronomically. You have the opportunity to be part of a network of accomplished, happy and wealthy people. Rarely, if ever, will you have a chance to learn and ask questions of people like these…and we are happy to advise you and answer any questions you might have.

Hang out with the type of people who have what you want and you will get what you are after.

The Get Rich Slow Scheme

So as you can see, this is not a get rich quick scheme but it has tremendous potential for great long term success. I am committed to encouraging you to jump in and get your feet wet. Don’t bother if you are not ready to work hard and stay with it. Your rewards will be monetary if you do this but they will be far far more than monetary. The satisfaction of accomplishing something that few are willing to do will change your life more than the money will. It will affect every area of your life for the better.

You will find many “get rich quick” schemes out there on the internet. They won’t work. It’s the obtain wealth slowly but SURELY that you want to hook up with.

A year from now, you will be glad you did.

If you believe this, how can you not go for this, full bore, full blast?

Advantages Of Online Businesses

I currently have a business right now that I own and operate. It is a business buying foreclosed homes, fixing them and flipping them. This is very cash intensive and takes a lot of my time. I love it. It is very creative, but it doesn’t offer me the freedom I want. So, I am in the process of turning it over to my foreman to run. I am spending all my time on my online business which is much more rewarding both financially and in the amount of free time it offers.

I love to have fun. I find that business is a great creative outlet. I do have to admit that this online business is the most fun I’ve had with any business ever.  It’s not all fun and games. There is a lot of hard work involved but it is like solving a huge puzzle and the rewards at the end are not just the satisfaction of seeing the puzzle complete, but also the excitement of seeing the cash roll in.

I will tell you that if you are looking for that site that offers you $10,000 in your pocket in the first month, this isn’t it. This is the real thing. You have to put time and effort in. Unless you are already experienced in online marketing, the learning curve is very steep. If you’re already experienced with online marketing, you already know what you will need to do. What you will find out is that Wealthy Affiliate is the easiest, most lucrative platform and training series you will find anywhere. As you enter the educational section…which you are welcome to do at no cost to you, you will be impressed with the amount of content you will be working with. It is very detailed and will teach the beginner who has no experience at all and guide the more experienced entrepreneur through to outstanding and market driven websites.

Make Money Online

Let’s talk a bit about online marketing. There are many ways to go about making an income online. One is to buy goods and resell them on Amazon or eBay or from your own inventory This is a very lucrative way to go about marketing but it is risky and requires some capital. What if your product that you purchased doesn’t sell? You could be stuck with a bunch of gadgets that you’ve paid for but you can’t move.

After years of dealing with inventory and cash flow issues, I was looking for an easier way. I found it in Affiliate Marketing. I did my due diligence and found that Wealthy Affiliate was the place to go to get the best support and service available anywhere on the Web. Fifteen years of experience and dedication has resulted in support and education that is not duplicated anywhere. As a businessperson myself, who values creativity and service, I salute these fellow entrepreneurs for creating an amazing opportunity for us to build on.

Can I Make Money Online?

Are you ready to give it try? Seriously ready to make money online?  You can click below and find the whole site laid out for you. Remember we are not asking for your credit card or any commitment. We don’t want your money. Right now, we want you to explore. See if this site offers you an incredible adventure into entrepreneurship and financial freedom. It really is amazing what you can do here.