Wealthy Affiliate 101 Step By Step – What Are Keywords Used For and Why?

Let’s look at keywords and their importance in your business. The proper use of keywords for your website will draw more traffic for you and those keywords will attract the people you want to your site.

What Are Keywords For Search Engines?

First, what are keywords for search engines? Keywords are used by search engines to direct the search engine to help surfers on the web find sites relevant to their search.  This means that if you use keywords that reflect what you are writing about, then people will be able to find you easily.

This is a win-win-win situation. The search engine (eg. Google, Yahoo or Bing) is happy because it is able to direct the searcher to your website which will satisfy the surfer, The searcher is happy because they are finding the information they are looking for and you are happy because you have attracted a person to your website who is looking for what you have to offer.

A keyword is a word, or more often, a phrase which is recorded in the memory of the search engine to determine the relevance of your website. It is important that your find words or phrases that help a person understand that you have information they are after. These keywords are critical to your ability to draw people to your site.

How To Write With Keywords

Keywords are important…but a word of caution…A Very important fact..The continuity and readability of your site must not be in any way compromised by trying to fit keywords in. When you find a keyword you really want to use, take the time to create a paragraph that uses the word or phrase you want to incorporate into your site. If you work at this enough you will usually find a way to include the keyword that flows nicely and makes sense.

Let’s take an example:  If your keyword is the phrase  “how to write with keywords” how do we fit that into a sentence?

There are several ways. You can simply write a sentence that goes like this – I want to teach you how to write with keywords.

Or this – Knowing how to write with keywords is essential to getting excellent rankings on search engines.

I think you get the idea. Sometimes it just takes a little creativity and time to make the keywords flow smoothly on the page.

Find Keywords In Jaaxy

How do I find keywords for my website? It is critically important that keywords be relevant and at the same time they must be words or phrases that someone is looking for.

Keep in mind that you are doing a service for the people that are looking for the product or service you are offering by making it easy for them to find you.

That being said, you want to find keywords that are being searched and that don’t have a lot of competition.

There are several ways to do this but my favorite is Jaaxy. Click here and take a look.

This Jaaxy site provides you all you need to develop and evaluate keywords. When you look at the site, you type in a proposed keyword that you have thought would fit nicely into your website. jaaxy will give you a lot of information about that word or phrase.

First, it will tell you what the traffic is…that is the number of visitors per month..the next how much traffic you can expect per week .

The third column is “QSR”. The purpose of this column is to let you know how much competition you have with that keyword. The fourth and fifth columns tell you how your keyword rates.

I look primarily at the first and third columns…I like the traffic to be above 20-30 and the QSR (competition) to also be below 20-30. This gives me an excellent chance to get ranked on the first page of google and other search engines.

The higher that first column is, and the lower the third column, then the more likely that your keyword will get you ranked high and you will attract traffic.  I have found keywords that are over 1,000 and with competition of 1 or 2. These are great, but not easily found. It is worth taking the time to search in Jaaxy to find these good words and phrases.

Remember, a keyword may not be just a word. In fact, it usually isn’t, but rather it is usually a short phrase. Experiment with it and you may be surprised how many relevant keywords you can find for your site. Think of it as a treasure hunt and have some fun with it.

How To Register Internet Keywords

It will be to your advantage to not just find and use great keywords, but to make sure it is easy for the search engines to find them. Different hosting platforms have different methods to register internet keywords. On WordPress, when you set up your site, be sure to check “enable keyword”. Then at the bottom of your page as you create your post, you will see a place to enter your keywords.

I simply hit “copy” and then “paste”  them into the keyword box as I go along. It is much easier for me to do it this way as I’m apt to forget where they are by the time I finish a post. Make sure you put the comma between each keyword.

I think by now you have a pretty good idea about how to find excellent keywords and how to write using them.

I want to encourage you to take your time as you write your post. Don’t worry too much about keywords as you decide what to write about. Focus on what it is you want to say to your reader. It is important to get the searcher to your site but also important that they enjoy or find helpful what you have written.

Don’t let the keywords dictate what you write, but rather include them as you go along. You will find that with enough patience and persistence, you will find great keywords that will fit in with what you are trying to convey.

We will talk more later about how to write a good post that engages the reader, but keep in mind that keywords are your servant. You are not writing to fit in keywords. The keywords are only part of what get you great ranking and the unhelpful use of them will hurt your rankings and discourage your reader if done poorly.

That being said, keep in mind that you are fitting together a puzzle  that combines attracting your reader, engaging him or her and then persuading them of what it is you are passionate about.

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